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High Alumina Refractory Balls

Description of High alumina refractory ball

High alumina refractory ball has the characteristics of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance.High alumina refractory ball is easy to replace and clean and can be reused.
Main specifications of refractory ball: Φ40mm Φ50mm Φ60mm Φ70mm
The material of High alumina refractory ball is divided into high alumina, corundum and zirconium corundum.

High density 90%-99% Al2O3 corundum fireball refractory ball for chemical industry with good price

Refractory corundum ball with low reburning line shrinkage, high temperature under load softening temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength, large heat storage and release, good thermal shock stability, good thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion and other remarkable characteristics, is an excellent refractory material.By double preheating of gas (blast furnace, converter) and air (single heat storage mode of combustion supporting air is adopted for oil and high calorific value gas), the exhaust volume of regenerative heating furnace can be reduced by 20-50%, the exhaust temperature can be reduced to less than 150 degrees, the output can be increased by 15-20%, the heating time of billet can be shortened by 50%, and the oxidation burning loss can be reduced by 30-50%.

Types of High alumina refractory ball

High alumina refractory ball can be used in high and low temperature shifting furnaces, reforming furnaces, hydroconverters, desulfurization tanks, and refractory balls and heating conversion equipment that are replaced by hot blast stoves in the steel industry.


High alumina refractory ball has high strength and wear resistance; the thermal conductivity and the heat capacity are large, and the heat storage efficiency is high; the thermal stability of the regenerative porcelain ball is good, and the temperature is not easily broken when the temperature is drastically changed. The heat storage ball is especially suitable for the air separation equipment regenerator and the blast furnace gas heating furnace of the steel plant as the heat storage filler. The heat storage ball double preheats the gas and air, and the heat storage ceramic ball makes the combustion temperature quickly reach the rolling steel to heat the steel slab. 

High alumina refractory ball with high alumina content, high density, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, stable chemical properties, excellent heat resistance, high-aluminum ceramic ball is widely used, can be used as chemical filler, high aluminum The porcelain ball can be used as a grinding medium. High-aluminum porcelain refractory balls are widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronic, environmental protection and other fields.

Physical and chemical indicators of High alumina refractory ball

                Items                Technical Data
                High Alumina Ball

                    Modified High


                    High Alumina

                    High Density

                    High Density 

                    Low Confucianism

                Al2O3                %                55                65-75                70                70-80
                Fe2O3                %                2                1.8                1.8                1.8
                Refractoriness                ℃                1750                1770                1790                1790
                Apparent Porosity                 %                26                25                24                20
                Bulk Density   (g/cm3)                g/cm3                2.35                2.35                2.6                2.75

                    Normal temperature 

                    compressive strength

                Mpa                10                11                12                13

                    Refractoriness ℃ 

                    under load of 0.2Mpa

                ℃                1420                1450                1480