Performance advantages of zirconium ramming materials

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Two commonly used zirconium ramming materials and their performance advantages
The corrosion resistance of refractory materials to high-temperature molten glass is an important factor that determines the life of the glass furnace and the quality of glass products. The zirconium ramming material can be widely used in the bottom of the glass furnace. In addition to the characteristics of good integrity, good sealing, and strong adaptability, it also benefits from the superior corrosion resistance and super high fire resistance of the zirconium material. degree. Zirconium aggregate is the skeleton of zirconium ramming material, which plays an important role in the high temperature physical properties of zirconium ramming material.

At present, there are mainly two types of zirconium ramming materials used in the bottom of glass furnace tanks in China:
1. One is fused AZS ramming material, and the other is zircon ramming material.
1. The fused AZS ramming material is made by crushing the fused zirconia corundum brick into about 5mm particles as aggregate, and then mixing it with other auxiliary materials. It retains the advantages of fused zirconia corundum bricks, has strong resistance to molten glass, low porosity, extremely stable performance, and can well inhibit the intrusion of molten glass and metal.

2. Zircon ramming material is prepared by adding a certain proportion of crushed sintered zircon brick fragments to zircon mud powder as aggregate, and then adding other auxiliary materials. It has high refractoriness and resistance to molten glass. Great. During construction, the two zirconium ramming materials only need to be mixed with an appropriate amount of water according to the proportion. After mixing, the ramming materials are in a wet and loose state, and then rammed and sintered at a high temperature to become a solid whole. The construction is discarded. Previously, phosphoric acid was used as a binding agent, which was safer and more convenient.

The physical and chemical properties of zirconium ramming material for glass kiln

The ramming material for glass is usually zirconium ramming material. The so-called ramming material is composed of refractory aggregates, powders, binders and additives with a certain gradation, and it is dry or semi-dry loose. Add water Or other liquid mixing construction requires strong ramming to compact, so it is called ramming material. Ramming materials are usually named after the refractory materials used.
The ramming material has low strength at room temperature before being sintered, and has high strength only after it reaches sintering. Therefore, the performance and service life of the ramming material at high temperatures are related to the sintering quality before use. The sintered body should have little shrinkage, no expansion, no cracks, and a firm combination with the bottom refractory brick.