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white corundum

  • Grit:

  • 20364046546080100120150170

  • Material:

  • Aluminum OxideCeramic Alumina/Aluminum OxideGlass Beads/Aluminum OxideAl2O3

  • Lead Time:

  • Quantity(Tons)

    1 - 100


    Est. Time(days)


    To be negotiated


Symbol Range of the Grain Chemical Composition(%,by weight) True Density Shape of the Grain
WA F24~80 >=98.50 <=0.40 >=3.90 Blocky
F90~150 >=98.00 <=0.40
F180~220 >=98.00 <=0.40
WA-B F24~80 >=99.00 <=0.40 >=3.9 Blocky
F90~150 >=98.50 <=0.40
F180~220 >=98.00 <=0.40
WA-P1 F24~80 >=99.00 <=0.40 >=3.9 Needle Shape
F100~150 >=98.50 <=0.40
F180~220 >=98.00 <=0.50


White aluminum oxide (WFA) has white color and a litter higher hardness and toughness comparing with the brown one.


The grinding tools made of this material are suitable for fine grinding of higher carbon steel, high-speed steel and stainless steel. Abrasive powder of finer grit sizes can also be used for precision casting and high-grade refractory materials.

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