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Brown Fused Alumina

Main Composition:Al2O3

Application:Grinding and polishing

Capacity:1000 tons per month

Package:Export ton bag

Size:As your requirements

Product Introduction

Brown fused alumina is a brown aluminum oxide obtained from the reduction of high quality bauxite in an electric arc furnace at a temperature greater than 2000℃.It is crushed and shaped by an automatic grinder, deferrized by magnetic separation, and sieved into various particle sizes.


1.High purity.
2.Good crystallization.
3.Strong fluidity.
4.Low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance.


It can be used for manufacturing ceramics, resin high-consolidation abrasives, as well as grinding and polishing.

Technical Data

Typical Physical Properties
Item Content
Hardness 9 mohs
Grain Shape angular
Melting Point 1950?C
Specific Gravity 3.9 – 4.1g/cm³
Typical Chemical Analysis
Item Process of Tilt Furnace Process of Fixed Furnace
  Guarantee Value Typical Value Guarantee Value Typical  Value
Al2O3 95% min 95.65% 95%min 95.43%
TiO2 3% max 2.42% 3%max 2.49%
Fe2O3 0.3% max 0.12% 0.3%max 0.11%
SiO2 1.0% max 0.92% 1.5%max 1.28%

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